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The propshaft on our donor is of a two piece type. First job here was to mark the propshaft and differential flange with a line so when it is refitted it can go back in the same place. It shouldn't make any difference providing the prop is balanced correctly, that said when it goes back in on the Beauford I want it positioned back where it came from just in case. Next, the heat shield was removed and then the other end of the prop was marked in relation to the rubber donut on the gearbox output. This needs to go back in the same place as the prop is balanced from new with the donut fitted. Four cap head bolts hold this on; access to get the Allen key into them is limited and could only be done by rotating the prop so each bolt in turn could be undone.
Thankfully the centre support bearing was much easier, just undoing the two nuts to release it.
Finally the four propshaft to diff bolts were undone and the prop removed from the car. The bolts securing the flange and donut were saved for reassembly on the Beauford.



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