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More Than Just A Kit Car

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The Donor Car


We ended up with two donor cars.beauford-010 The original one that came with our kit was a pile of bits from a 1990 Automatic 2L DOHC sierra. Whilst all the parts from this were serviceable neither of us like automatic cars.

 I looked around for a manual gearbox to use and came across a decent 1993 2L DOHC Manual Sierra Ghia. It was being sold cheap as it had a dodgy fuel pump.

Using this car should make our life easier as I can see where all the parts were originally fitted and also mark all the cable ends as they are disconnected. The original donor wiring loom would take a fair bit of work to figure out what every connector does and where it should go.

Also we should end up with a newer reg number not that this really makes any difference; it’s a Beauford after all!

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