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More Than Just A Kit Car

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Kit Collection Day


The collection of the kit and striping of the remaining parts off the first donor car was made on the 17th July 2010.
An early sFirst look at kittart was made packing the kids and tools in the car before picking up a car trailer I had hired. Once this was done we had a slow 2 hour drive to Milton Keynes, where the kit was located. Here we met Jon (the original purchaser) and one of his friends.

The first look at the kit my thoughts were ‘what have we done’ the kit in its raw form is quite daunting. That said the quality of it is good, it’s just going to take some hard work. Nobody said it would be easy!Kit Parts

The next five or so hours were spent stripping the donor car of its engine and gearbox, remaining mechanical parts and the heater unit from behind the dash (much to the annoyance of our two bored children).beauford-024

Next step was to get it all loaded onto the car trailer, not an easy job as the engine and gearbox had to be put at the front of the trailer to get it all to fit. The Beauford chassis was wheeled on and filled with all the remaining kit parts. Thanks to Jon and his friend for their help in getting all this done.

6.30pm and finally loaded, back on the road for an even slower drive home. Loading the engine right at the front wasn’t a good idea, way too much nose weight, made the handling of the car / trailer combo absolutely terrible, 45mph all the way home.

We arrived back home after a couple of service stops for the kids at about 9.30pm. Thankfully help was at hand to unload the trailer and get it all in the garage as we were completely knackered. Thanks to Dad, Mum, Clint and Mike for their help.

11.30pm All finally put away, time for bed!
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